Monday, January 30, 2012

Sample #4 - SEO article - IRA Savings


Pension plans are facing extinction. The "career" paradigm is shifting. With people changing jobs more rapidly than ever before, 401K plans are becoming a thing of the past. An IRA savings account is the logical solution for those who want to plan for their retirement.

IRA savings accounts are growing in popularity. The shift has been in progress for quite some time. People change or lose jobs frequently. If there was a 401K savings plan associated with said job, the money needs to go somewhere. An IRA savings account is the logical solution.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sample #3 - Ghostwriting - Acceptance Speech

Thank you very much. I am honored to stand before you today as the recipient of this illustrious award. It is said that hard work is its own reward - and I agree with this sentiment. Don't worry, I'm still going to take the award. (pause) In all seriousness...recognition by one's peers is a compliment that is rivaled only by recognition by one's clients. This award represents both of those things. I would like to express my appreciation, however, not just for this award, but for the hard work of everyone in this that has put me in the position to stand before you today. We are only as good as those around us. I feel lucky to be surrounded by some of the most talented people in our industry.

Sample #2 - SEO article - Motorcycle Safety


As gas prices rise and more people take to two wheels, motorcycle safety has become a concern for more Americans. The stereotypical motorcyclist of the past is a vanishing breed. The motorcyclist who passes you on the freeway today is just as likely to be a lawyer as an outlaw.

Motorcycle safety affects all of us. Accidents are inevitable, but the results can be horrific or manageable – and it is up to the rider to create a safe environment on our roads. 

Sample #1 - SEO article - Developing Literacy Skills


Recent studies have shown that the use of e-readers can help students with their developing literacy skills by allowing them to engage text more quickly and effectively. The way we learn is still a mystery, but it has been proven that children read more effectively when a multi-sensory approach is integrated into the quest for reading fluency.

Each brain is unique, and each student is different in the way their brain adapts while developing literacy skills. Literacy is a combination of reading fluency and comprehension. In the past, children were given generic primers to hone their skills. The recent proliferation of electronic reading devices has proven invaluable in helping students acquire necessary language skills.