Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sample #2 - SEO article - Motorcycle Safety


As gas prices rise and more people take to two wheels, motorcycle safety has become a concern for more Americans. The stereotypical motorcyclist of the past is a vanishing breed. The motorcyclist who passes you on the freeway today is just as likely to be a lawyer as an outlaw.

Motorcycle safety affects all of us. Accidents are inevitable, but the results can be horrific or manageable – and it is up to the rider to create a safe environment on our roads. 

Motorcycle safety starts with the proper training. Courses such as XXXXXXXXX allow a beginning rider to develop basic skills in a controlled environment and under the watchful eye of a trained and seasoned instructor. Motorcycle safety classes begin with the basics, but there are also Advanced Rider courses for riders who feel that their skills must increase if they wish to increase their motorcycle safety.  Motorcycle riders now flock to courses all over the country and many benefit financially through discounts in insurance premiums.

Training is an important part of motorcycle safety. Protective gear is also of paramount importance.  ATGATT (all the gear, all the time) has become a mantra for proponents of motorcycle safety. With a full face helmet, an armored riding suit, motorcycle-specific boots, and armored gloves, riders can decrease the risk should an accident occur. With many commuting on two wheels, a protective suit also offers a shield from the elements, so riders can arrive at work safe, dry, and dressed professionally - ready for a productive day.